Personal Injury Attorney

Jennie Patton aggressively represents people injured in auto accidents. She works hard to maximize their injury settlement. Settlements from auto accidents can include money to repair or replace damaged vehicles and other property, pay any outstanding medical bills, replace lost wages, and compensate a client for pain and suffering.

Ms. Patton assists in making sure all medical bills and other costs are paid as quickly as possible. She obtains and prepares all medical records and other documents necessary to obtain maximum settlement with the responsible parties' insurance company. She negotiates with insurance adjusters to get the best result for her clients. She litigates when necessary.

Free consultations are offered for personal injury and no retainer is required to begin a claim. Ms. Patton works on a contingency fee basis, meaning she does not receive payment until the final settlement. No attorney fee is paid until the full and final settlement of the injury claim. Please call us before speaking with insurance adjusters.

personal injury attorneys

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